Clean beauty: everything you ever wanted to know, we tell you everything!

With consumers paying more and more attention to the composition of their products, "clean beauty" has made its way into the world of cosmetics.

But what exactly does this name stand for? And how does SeventyOne Percent apply this philosophy on a daily basis? We tell you everything.

What is clean beauty?

In 10 years, the number of French people having bought an organic or natural beauty product has almost doubled (Ifop). Concerned about what they apply to their skin every day, consumers are more and more fond of "clean" brands.

A flourishing business that is not always easy to understand: clean beauty is 100% natural products? With ingredients from organic farming? With eco-responsible packaging? Vegan ? Without controversial ingredients? A little bit of all that. And with good reason: no official definition has been agreed upon.

Because no, a clean product is not just a list of ingredients to be banned. Already because the toxicity of an ingredient will be evaluated differently depending on where you are on the globe.

For your information, the European Union bans the use of more than 1300 ingredients in cosmetics and more than 300 others are restricted to a particular concentration or use. In comparison, the United States bans only about 30.

Clean beauty is above all a brand's commitment to its customers: to be transparent about the formulas and ingredients used, but also about the recyclability of packaging (every year, 120 billion packages are produced by the cosmetics industry, the vast majority of which are not recyclable) and above all to be honest.

Because, no, in the world of cosmetics, even "clean" and labelled, not everything is (yet) perfect. But everyone is working on it.

SeventyOne Percent's approach

Since the creation of the brand, we have pursued one objective: to meet the specific needs of surfing enthusiasts while respecting the planet that is our playground. Our products must therefore be efficient and with the least possible ecological impact but without compromising on sensoriality and pleasure.

A way of consuming "in conscience" that we are proud of.

We put this ambition at the heart of our work in the field by working on our formulations and packaging but also by taking care to choose partners who share our values.

SeventyOne Percent products are all formulated and manufactured in France, without paraben, nanoparticles, silicone, petrolatum or phenoxyethanol. But while we give maximum priority to naturalness, we believe in a reasoned and chosen use of chemical ingredients.

By favouring mineral filters over sunscreens, the composition of SeventyOne Percent products is more respectful of marine ecosystems and corals than "traditional" sunscreens. These choices are not without consequences: nanoparticles, for example, are used in particular to make sun creams more fluid and avoid white streaks. At SeventyOne, we claim this white mask of clean sunlight.

And we are transparent with you: ALL the ingredients of our products are listed. The key active ingredients and their benefits are also listed so that everyone knows why they are applying it to their skin. If we use a filter complex in, for example, we clearly indicate this to you. Our ranges are tested under dermatological control to avoid any risk of allergy, redness or irritation. None of these tests are carried out on animals, as required by European legislation.

To develop its packaging, SeventyOne Percent uses recycled products (milk bottles to tell you the truth). Our branded products, such as the Second Skin for example, are then themselves recyclable. A way of reducing our ecological footprint as much as possible.

All of these choices are aligned with our values, those that have been the hallmark of the brand since its inception. Is it possible to do better? Certainly. Are we working on it? Every single day.

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