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Surf Trip to Mentawais - Prepare your trip well

At the beginning of November, Marc and I (Raphaël) went on a Surf Trip to Indonesia, more precisely to the Mentawais, justifying the need to “check the effectiveness of the products and test the new products”. What devotion ;)

Like every good thing in life, the Mentawais are earned and require a long journey to reach their destination. To arrive at the Surf Camp Driftwood that we had chosen, on the island of Nyang Nyang, 150 km from Sumatra, it took 3 planes, 1 ferry and 1 speed boat trip, i.e. almost 2 days of door-to-door travel. . All this while crossing our fingers that our boards follow us, if possible in good condition!

This trip, a must for all passionate surfers, is an invitation to forget the comfort of the city to (re)discover a feeling of being at the “end of the world”, the wild nature is sublime.

Beyond our 6 to 8 hours of daily surfing, it is also a spiritual journey, of open-mindedness and discovery of the essentials that we found on the Mentawais archipelago... with only one desire, return as soon as possible.

Mostly known to the surfing community, the Mentawaïs archipelago is made up of 4 islands, Siberut, Sipura, Pagai Utara and Pagai Selatan, part of a group of 70 islands located 150 KM west of Sumatra in Indo. The fantastic thing about the Mentawais is the consistency of the swell and the guarantee of surfing world-class quality waves. With a season more favorable to big swells, from April to October, the waves of the “shoulder season” from January to December are also more accessible and guarantee super fun surfing. You have understood, tubes, long walls, the power of the waves at the edge of the reef offer a unique diversity of spots and are often synonymous with perfection.

In this postcard landscape, water at 29 C°, perfect waves, surfing in board shorts or bikinis, deserted spots, local population with a unique, welcoming and generous culture, Nasi Goreng, bintang: Surf - Eat - Sleep - this place is not a dream, but it is better to be well prepared and equipped to make the most of your trip.

Here are the essential creams and formulas from SeventyOne Percent that we recommend to effectively protect your skin from the harsh effects of the powerful sun, but also take care of yourself in these extreme conditions while minimizing your environmental impact.

The essential environmentally friendly sun protection products from SeventyOne Percent:

ECO SUN SHIELD SPORT : This is the MUST HAVE for your Surf Trip!

100% mineral - very high SPF50+ protection, it's the ultimate protection! Here, no unnecessary aesthetic considerations, the white mask specific to the mineral filters that our sports formula leaves also allows you to have a reassuring and essential visual indicator of protection. For the face, lips, arms, legs: The concentrated formula is our best seller for all outdoor adventurers and athletes.

Even with the sky a little overcast, the sun is very strong!

Sun Stick SPF50+ : The water-free, very high protection sunscreen formula for surfers for the face, lips and sensitive areas of the face.

Ultra water resistant, its practical and portable format makes it a benchmark French sun protection product thanks to its formula without compromise between UVA UVB effectiveness, water resistance, naturalness and respect for the ocean.

With its 4 colors, you can choose your style according to your desires.

After-surf care creams to slip into your travel kit:

SECOND SKIN: Reef cuts, burning nipples, irritations on the stomach and ribs, burned lips, spider or mosquito bites, irritations... our multi-use magic balm based on fermented papaya and beeswax will do miracles to repair your skin, relieve your aches and pains and provide you with a little essential comfort to hit the waves again every morning.

Ultra hydrating and rich in vitamin E (anti-oxidant), our all-in-one formula can even be worn as a night mask to calm the heat of prolonged exposure to the sun in salt water.

FEEL GOOD: Do we still need to present our 100% natural universal moisturizing cream based on aloe vera ? Its fragrance, texture and impeccable formula make it a best-seller that combines pleasure and effectiveness for your body and face.

Your best ally for hydrating your skin all year round thanks to its melting, non-greasy texture.

Essential after a long day in salt water under the sun.

The little extra: Its eco-responsible pack which reduces the use of plastic, 100% recyclable

Available in travel 75 ML and family 200 ML format


And because by rowing and surfing for hours your shoulders, your arms and your entire body will be put to a severe test, what could be better than a muscle and joint recovery gel?

With whole days of surfing, you will need rest and comfort, discover Wipe Out, our cold effect gel (cryotherapy) based on Arnica and menthol to relieve you before and/or after exercise.


Some spots: Hollow Trees, Maccaronis, Rifles, Telescopes, Green brush, Thunders, Playground, Pitstops, 4 Bobs, A Frames, Burger World, Nipussi, Boat trip, Good Times.

Thank you for your trust.


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