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Feel Good - SeventyOne
Feel Good - SeventyOne
Feel Good - SeventyOne
Feel Good - SeventyOne
Feel Good - SeventyOne

Feel Good


Moisturizing melting gel

For the Face & Body

100% Natural

Aloe Vera


Feel Good, the natural and universal moisturizer to deeply nourish your skin 360 days a year.

- Face and body
- Revitalizes the skin
- Hydrates and prevents water loss
- Ultra light melting texture
- 100% natural
- Prolongs and promotes tanning
- Works after sun

- ECO PACK PCR - 55% recycled - plastic reduction and 100% recyclable

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Feel Good


Made in FranceEco Pack -55% PCR & 100% recyclable Suitable forchildrenand toPregnant women

The Composition in detail
Endless Summer.

Feel Good, 100% natural origin, it isuniversal careto theimmediate freshness for dehydrated skin.

Our face and body gel-cream is along-lasting hydration shotwhich acts in depth. Here he is intravel sizeso you can take it on weekends with you without constraint (75ml)

It provides an immediate feeling of freshness thanks to its flagship active ingredient, Aloe Vera, the coolest of soothing active ingredients.

Key assets
  • Organic vegetable glycerin:reference moisturizing active ingredient, improves the appearance of the skin and softens it. Non-comedogenic.

  • Aloe vera gel:soothing, hydrating and regenerating, it revitalizes all skin types.


  • Apricot kernel vegetable oil:anti-aging, it softens the skin and provides a healthy glow.


  • Red algae extract:it reinforces hydration with an action superior to hyaluronic acid.


  • Hydranov complex(micro-algae extract + marine sugars + sea water): hydrates and prevents water loss.
Happiness assets

Organic buriti vegetable oil: promotes and prolongs tanning with its high carotenoid content and fights against the signs of aging thanks to its antioxidant properties. Protects dull, damaged and colored hair and restores shine 

Usage tips

Combot #1: Salt, wind, heat, vacations, sport: it pulls.
Combot #2: Work, the city, restaurants with friends: it's exhausting.
Combot #3: Too aggressive skin cleansing.


I love the colorful packaging of the product! Very nice in the bathroom! The application is easy and I really like the natural composition of the product.

Moisturizing is easy, you don't have to use a lot of product because otherwise it's more difficult to penetrate. The texture is light and the smell is also discreet.

@ladyheavenlypro - combination skin - between 26 and 35 years old

Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
Véronique MAHOUT
Très satisfaite. Crème très agréable

Elle est très agréable, j’aime bien son odeur mais hydrate bien après une après-midi au soleil.

muriel cossoul debey

Texture super agréable 🌟
Le petit tube est très pratique en déplacement ou pour les vacances. Le gros tube reste à la maison ainsi toute la famille l'utilise 👍

Anne Marie Chapot

Crème hyper agréable je l’est rajouté à ma routine quotidienne 🤩💝


Sensorialité: La crème est facile à appliquer, sans parfum et pénètre rapidement sans laisser de film gras sur la peau. Efficacité: Hydrate bien et prends soin de ma peau sèche tout en douceur. Mon conseil d'utilisation: Utilisation quotidienne A qui je le recommande: Pour tous


Sensorialité: J'adore la texture qui penetre rapidement et ne laisse aucun fini gras sur la peau. Le packaging est doux et colorés. Odeur délicate. Efficacité: Il hydrate parfaitement ma peau. Autre aspect apprécié: Il laisse ma peau douce Mon conseil d'utilisation: A utiliser quotidiennement A qui je le recommande: Aux peaux sèches, en manque d'hydratation


Sensorialité: j'ai adoré le packaging, trop beau ! odeur discrète et agréable, texture franchement étonnement agréable, la crème fond sur la peau et c'est très apaisant Efficacité: la crème a rempli ses promesses : elle hydrate bien, elle a apaisé ma peau qui était sèche et tiraillée Autre aspect apprécié: l'odeur légère et la texture qui est bien absorbée par la peau Mon conseil d'utilisation: tous les jours après la douche sur les zones du corps qui sont d'habitude sèches ! A qui je le recommande: à toutes les femmes, qu'elles aient la peau sèche comme moi, ou celles qui reviennent d'une séance de bronzage, les sportives qui veulent prendre soin d'elles après un effort, etc...


Why is Aloe Vera the coolest moisturizing active ingredient?

Aloe vera is considered the best hydrating active ingredient because it has natural anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe and calm the skin. It is also very rich in antioxidants and vitamins that nourish and hydrate the skin. It has proven to be extremely effective in the treatment of sunburn and skin irritations.

Why will Feel Good become your hydration must-have for the whole year? ?

The ultra light and non-greasy texture of this melting gel is the first advantage of use 365 days a year. For its light scent that everyone loves but also because you can even use it as a makeup remover! Who says better ?

Is it also an after-sun?

Of course ! the melting gel is one of our best sellers because it is a universal product that works both as a daily product and as an after-sun skin saver thanks to its soothing texture and its gentle and soothing formula. It contains polysaccharides that help retain water in the skin, making it hydrated and more supple, as well as vitamins and minerals that nourish the skin, and anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe sunburn.

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