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Sun Sticks

Stick to it!

Our Seventy One sun sticks are the ideal companion for ultra-stylish sun protection, wherever you are, from Hossegor to Hawaii. Their portable, compact and ergonomic format allows you to take them anywhere with ease.

Soins Quotidiens

Protection & Hydratation

Protection Solaire

Respecte la peau & l'océan

Soins Outdoor

Formules Concentrées

Soins enfants

Ultra efficace et résistant

En savoir plus

Sun Sticks SPF 30, SPF 50 and SPF 50+ are specially designed to provide sun protection adapted to all needs. Their complete, water-resistant formula contains high-protection filters that provide a barrier to UVA and UVB rays. Whether you need moderate (SPF 30), high (SPF 50) or very high (SPF 50+) protection, our sticks offer you effective defense against the harmful effects of the sun.<br><br>
Made in France to rigorous standards, our Sun Sticks are environmentally conscious. We are committed to minimizing our impact on the planet by using nature-friendly ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. At Seventy One, we believe in a responsible approach to sun protection, combining effectiveness and respect for the environment.<br><br>
Suitable even for children under 3 years old and pregnant women, our range of Sun Sticks are the ideal choice for the whole family. Aloha!<br><br>
The filters used in our formulas are carefully selected to ensure optimal sun protection. Titanium dioxide, avobenzone and octyl salicylate are key ingredients that act as barriers against UVA and UVB rays.<br><br>
In addition to their sun protection, our sticks contain nourishing and moisturizing active ingredients to take care of your skin during and after exposure to the sun. Carnaúba wax, organic castor vegetable oil and organic shea butter are natural ingredients that offer nourishing, repairing and softening properties. They help maintain skin hydration and prevent sun damage.<br><br>
Choosing our Seventy One sun sticks means opting for effective sun protection that is environmentally friendly and adapted to all needs. Enjoy the sun with complete peace of mind, knowing that you are using quality products, manufactured with care and concerned about your well-being. 💚

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