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Focus on Coral Guardian

Coral Guardian is a French non-profit organization, founded in 2012, that aims to protect and restore coral ecosystems by empowering coastal communities around the world, integrating sustainable community development while leveraging social and economic impact through the preservation and enhancement of marine ecosystems.

Their approaches are multiple:

They develop participatory coral conservation programs, local and international awareness programs and scientific protocols to study each restoration program and contribute to the knowledge of coral ecosystems.

- Participatory conservation of corals 🐠

They collaborate with local communities (fishermen, divers, etc.) to implement coral reef restoration projects led by them. This, through support for the design of the project as well as a joint definition and training of repopulation and monitoring techniques adapted to local contexts. This allows each local community to act against the degradation of coral ecosystems and to observe and measure the response of the restored ecosystem to their interventions.

- They build capacity with their Blue Center program 📚

Through their Blue Center program, they provide local structures with support and training in marine ecology, in developing the social dimension of a restoration project, and in project financing. Thanks to this program, it supports local structures in the development of coral restoration and protection projects around the world.

The objective?

-> Become a learning center to support other project leaders located in the same region, and contribute to sharing their experiences and empowering others and younger generations.

- They create awareness programs.

They develop awareness tools and programs locally and internationally to share knowledge about the importance of coral ecosystems and the threats they face worldwide.

- And at the scientific level:

They follow a scientific approach to describe the biological and social impact of each restoration project and improve techniques. This is done by defining monitoring protocols in collaboration with local stakeholders, as well as field experiments on restoration methods. The objective is to contribute to the scientific knowledge of coral ecosystems and their restoration, based on the interests and needs of local communities.

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