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Interview Marc - Co-founder of SeventyOne Percent

What makes you get up in the morning?

The morning is very hard for me! But I usually put on a reggae album and start making breakfast for my kids, I usually make them a nice acai bowl to start the day off right!

What is your routine?

I don't really have a routine, I must say that with entrepreneurship, you adapt and every day is different!

On the other hand, I swim almost every day, going to see the fish has become a passion ;)

It's also a good way to catch up with myself and reflect on the hot topics of the moment!

How and at what age did you start surfing?

It was during a trip to Costa Rica with two friends, on a deserted beach, yes yes it was still possible 20 years ago and I was therefore 20 years old, since then, a great passion was born and I live (almost) only for that!

But the real learning “the hard way” was on the beach breaks of the moors ;)

Your favorite spot?

Difficult question ! I had magical sessions in lots of places: Jeffreys Bay, Los Lobos (Canary Islands), Labenne of course, and some secret spots in the South East ;)

Your favorite surf personality?

Duke Kahanamoku aka “The Duke”, professional swimmer and surfing pioneer!

Otherwise, I'm impressed by the new generation of surfers who are making this sport progress incredibly

What is your background ?

A student who “can do better” but with a lot of potential ahahah! Jokes aside, a rather classic path with a business school and the launch of a first company in Spain in 2015 which allowed me to get a foothold in the surf industry!

Why SeventyOne Percent?

The idea first came for the love of surfing, but looking at our journey with Raphaël, I realize that it is much more than that. We have always wanted to do something good, different, impactful without taking the hassle. I think that these days, being able to create something while having fun is quite unique!

Your flagship product SeventyOne Percent? For what ?

The eco Sun Shield, the best ally for long surf sessions and excellent protection for my children. And then it's a historic product from SeventyOne Percent

Your current favorites?

A painting of Sosno that my wife bought me representing peace, the positive energy of our SeventyOne teams, the CSR approach which will result in a B-CORP company by 2022

Your mantra?

“Always paddle back”

The element or place that made you want to surf?

Water is life, so is surfing ;) For the place, it's the Landes and its breathtaking landscapes!

Your favorite trick?

Getting lost in my thoughts while looking out to sea!

Your favorite board?

I have two: a fish and a single fin

Your lucky charm?

During each session or walk on the beach, I collect small pebbles which I keep in my pocket as a good luck charm. Little trick that I picked up from Carlos, our friend and representative in Portugal...

Thank you for your trust.


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