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Interview David Sussmann

Can you tell us about the La Goutte Bleue movement and Pure Ocean’s actions?

David Sussmann: La Goutte Bleue is a recyclable blue bag, 100% Made in France.

The idea is to make the public want to act for the environment by inviting them to collect up to 30 liters of litter.

For each La Goutte Bleue kit, 5 euros are donated to Oceanic Research.

We are convinced that scientists are the first to be able to provide solutions to the many threats weighing on the oceans. Our NGO selects and supports innovative research programs to preserve biodiversity and marine ecosystems. These projects aim to increase knowledge of the oceans and contribute to the fight against global warming, while preserving biodiversity.

Why should companies get involved in preserving the ocean?

Entrepreneurs must transform in a sustainable way. Businesses that do not commit will not survive. And patronage, the development of corporate social responsibility, support for local NGOs are among the levers for transforming organizations. At Pure Ocean, we can give leaders tools to evolve from within.

Companies are getting involved, how can you help them transform?

Companies are also invited to evolve, even transform. We support them by organizing events, such as conferences, discussions with scientists or our ambassadors.

Internally, companies that commit to environmental or social causes develop the support of their employees beyond what we think. Externally, their commitment leads them to join a community with which they will develop links and be able to work in a virtuous model of growth. Today, belonging to such networks makes sense.

And for entrepreneurs who have neither the time nor the means to get involved?!

Entrepreneurs encountering difficulties must, of course, devote themselves to their business. But those who can must be patrons and offer their time through commitments which may be diverse. Because supporting an NGO is not just about giving money. This can also involve skills sponsorship.

Can you give some examples of supported programs?

We are supporting a study on sea sponges capable of filtering and possibly degrading microplastics from the marine environment in the Mediterranean. We also support tests on an inspired organic reef buoy which allows boats to anchor without damaging the seabed and transforms into an artificial reef.

To find out more, go now to the Pure Ocean website and support us by following us on social networks.

Thank you 71% for its commitment and the mobilization of its customers and influencers to make a gesture for the Planet.

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