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How to choose an environmentally friendly solar product?

It can be difficult to ensure that a product is environmentally friendly because this encompasses a large number of parameters (short circuits, life cycle, carbon footprint, etc.).

Among these parameters, that of eco-toxicity : the toxicity of our formulas on the ecosystems that inhabit the nature around us. This parameter is complex because the risk that our products present for the environment is a relationship between the danger they present and the exposure of organisms to our products. To date, there is no regulatory framework or regulatory consensus to assess this impact.

However, there are labels and logos (non-self-declaring) which make it possible to identify eco-designed products.

European Ecolabel - SeventyOne Percent

The European Ecolabel aims to design and promote products (goods and services) that respect the environment and health throughout the life cycle (from the extraction of raw materials to their use, including their manufacturing) . It helps encourage the sustainable production and consumption of products, as well as the sustainable provision and use of services.

eToxiSafe logo - SeventyOnePercent

eToxiSafe : Environmental logo guaranteeing quality, supported by reliable and relevant scientific evidence . It is a scientific approach which establishes, thanks to ecotoxicological studies, that a product has a reduced impact on the environment.

In conclusion, the perfect product for nature does not exist!

However, sun protection is essential for the skin and the best alternative for the consumer is to be well informed in order to consume consciously.

The strong points for choosing your solar product? A pleasant formulation that makes you want to apply the product several times a day for optimal protection, reduced and eco-designed packaging, and a brand committed to nature with transparent communication for a conscious product choice.

Thank you for your trust.


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