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Our sunscreen products range from SPF 30 to SPF 50+, are broad spectrum UVA and UVB, with high resistance to water, salt and wind. Our face care products protect, moisturize and comfort the skin.

Our solutions are 80% to 100% natural.

We invest in eco-responsible packaging.

Your SeventyOne products and solutions are developed, designed and manufactured in France and are designed to respect, resist and perform in natural conditions such as water, salt, wind, sand etc.


We love and care about Earth.
We respect nature
and we respect ourselves.
We want to live
in harmony with
our environment.
We are all
SeventyOne Percent.


More than a sport,

surfing is a philosophy,

A way of life.

Conscious about the power of natural elements, we deeply believe in protection: protecting ourselves on a daily basis and respecting our playground. Respect is at the core of SeventyOne's vision and mission. Our name is inspired by our biological and environmental values: 70% of water in our bodies and on the planet and 1% of the profits donated directly to the association Vision du Monde. Through our solutions and community we want to convey a positive, energetic and healthy state of mind, and communicate our desire and emergency to act responsibly and be humble with our ecosystem.

Our History


Our brand and mission is rooted in our passion and love with surf culture, while our story started in France SeventyOne is known and spreading across the continents.

We manufacture and package in France, because Made in France is not a fashion, it is a deep conviction. And because we love the planet, humans, but also animals, we do not carry out any tests on animals, which we prefer in nature rather than in the labs! This charter is an opportunity for us to convey our values in our products. Our natural products are respectful of mankind and of this environment which is dear to us. We are transparent so that every piece of information concerning our formulas is accessible to all.

Our Commitments

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