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Focus on LPO (The League for the Protection of Birds)

The League for the Protection of Birds (LPO) is a French nature protection association founded in 1912, whose mission is to protect birds and their natural habitat. It strives to raise public awareness of the need to preserve bird habitats and implements concrete actions to achieve this objective. Today it is also open to other animals than just birds such as small rodents, hedgehogs, etc.

His actions ✅

The LPO carries out awareness campaigns, habitat protection and restoration actions, and scientific studies on birds. It monitors bird migration, fights against pollution and habitat destruction, protects important sites for birds, and improves scientific knowledge of birds but also of rodents, hedgehogs and many others. The LPO works in close collaboration with local, regional and national authorities to implement environmental protection policies favorable to birds and small wild animals. It also collaborates with other nature protection associations and ornithology experts.

The LPO relies on the commitment of its 65,000 members and more than 2,000 active volunteers in France. Volunteers participate in its field activities, running care centers for injured birds, and monitoring bird migration. The association also publishes scientific journals, books and guides on birds to increase public knowledge of birds and their environment.

Become a member 🦜

The LPO encourages interested people to become members and engage in its nature protection activities in different ways. First of all by joining the association such as becoming a member or by making a donation, but you can dedicate yourself much more strongly to it by creating, for example, a shelter with them or by working directly in the association.
LPO even offers the possibility of doing an 8-month civic service, in fact don't hesitate to take a look here if you are interested, several civic services are offered and others will arrive soon!

It also offers training courses for people wishing to develop their knowledge of birds and their environment. By joining the LPO, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the protection of birds and their natural habitat, and to get involved in concrete activities for the preservation of nature.

Finally, a shop to buy equipment such as feeders or nest boxes is also available on the site and 100% of the profits from the winds go directly to financing nature protection actions.

In conclusion, the LPO is an association determined to protect birds and their natural habitat. It implements concrete actions to achieve this objective, thanks to the commitment of its members and volunteers. Join the LPO to contribute to the protection of nature and develop your knowledge of birds and their environment.

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