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Wings of the ocean

Founded in 2018 by Julien Wosnitza, Wings of the Ocean is an association that fights against plastic pollution with the aim of preserving living things .

It carries out its actions by acting directly on pollution, by making the problem visible and by reducing pollution.

More precisely, they collect
litter by carrying out at least three decontamination actions per week and per project; they raise public awareness by carrying out regular interventions (visits to ships, conferences, presentations, workshops, stands, etc.) and finally they seek solutions to reduce this pollution at the source.
To do this, they help companies reduce their plastic production; they work with public authorities to reduce the pollution present in their territories and finally they constitute a network of recycling partners in order to give a second life to waste.

In total :

->99,000 kilos of waste collected
-> 4,000,000 m2 of decontaminated
-> 712 decontaminations since 2018

In 2022, Wings of the Ocean becomes the first French pollution control association.

Their different projects:

- The Kraken's mission

3-masted sailboat just over 40m long , carrying 30 volunteers who adopt a sustainable and conscious lifestyle on board. It allows the crew to carry out depollution and awareness actions while moving from island to island which are difficult to access while respecting the environment, to carry out depollution and awareness actions .

➡️ Some figures:


- 9 months of missions in the Atlantic islands were carried out.
- 76 decontamination actions were carried out in 2021, including 20 in collaboration with associations.

- 14,236 kilos of waste were collected on these different islands, or 104,277 liters .
- 54.2 hectares decontaminated , the equivalent of almost 76 football fields.

Forecasts for 2023:

The kraken is venturing this year into the Mediterranean and more precisely to the Ionian Islands where 700,000 tonnes of waste are produced per year.

- The mission of Scylla

This 28m aluminum exploration sailboat is specially designed for the North Seas . She is currently sailing along the French Atlantic coast. The Scylla crew, made up of 12 to 14 people, works in schools, colleges, high schools and social centers. Its challenge is to show that it is possible to navigate in a more ecological way.

- The SOUTH mission

The South Mission is a traveling project which takes place in July and August on the French Mediterranean coast, more precisely from Sète to Nice, with the aim of cleaning up pollution and raising awareness among holidaymakers who are present in large numbers during this period. FYI in 2022, the mission was done by bike!

In 2021, the mission was carried out on a century-old rig and made it possible to collect 9.5 tonnes of waste.

In 2022, Wings Of the Ocean wanted to focus mainly on ponds, basins and lagoons. Which leads us to 3 missions:

- The mission of the Etang de Berre
The Etang de Berre is best known for its concentration of industrial activity . In view of the various existing pollution, the problem of litter has often been put in the background. Wings of the Ocean was therefore very interested in the subject and it emerged that waste was present in greater quantities in the South of the pond and thus, a good number of actions were carried out in the municipalities concerned.

➡️ Some key figures:

- This led to 80 decontaminations,
Wings members to withdraw 15,781 kilos of waste from the pond, which represents a total volume of 95,221 liters.
In all 16 tonnes of litter removed.

- The Arcachon Basin mission
Following the results of the Berre pond mission, Wings of the ocean has decided to tackle the Arcachon Basin in 2022.

The mission took place over 6 months, from May to October with other local associations for maximum long-term impact.

- The mission of the Etang de Thau
Following the Kraken mission and the South mission, the association noted that the Etang de Thau owed itself a special mission given all the industrial activity there.

The Thau pond has one of the highest populations of seahorses in Europe, and has therefore generated a lot of interest for the association.

The mission was carried out over a period of 6 months, 15 volunteers carried out 80 waste collections.

Their label
Since 2022, Wings of The Ocean has created a label with the aim of democratizing pollution control.

The concept is very simple: Suggest boat owners to carry out at least 3 depollution actions in the name of the association per year , and in return have access to a list of partners, which thus allows them to have advantages such as reductions or equipment for possible work or even to obtain equipment.

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