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What to do with our solar products after summer?

That's it, summer is over and you're wondering "what am I going to do with sunscreen after summer?" No worries ! We are here to help you!

So above all, if they are not opened they will keep very well until next summer or until your next vacation in the sun for the luckiest among you! ☀️

If your sunscreen is already opened, then we advise you to use it within the next year! You will tell me "yes but it is supposed to keep for a long time", then yes BUT with the heat, the sun, the sand and if following that the cream is no longer used for a certain time, it will lose in efficiency and deteriorate! Note that each tube has a PAO!

What is a PAO? It's very simple, on each cosmetic product you have a pictogram like this:

It tells you how long the product can stay open!

If you can no longer use it or it has exceeded the time indicated by the PAO, don't forget to remove all the cream inside so you can put it in the recycling bin!

But don't wait to go to the beach to protect yourself from the sun's rays! This slows down the aging of the skin and above all it protects against the undesirable effects of the sun so you can fully enjoy life outdoors and feel at your best in your daily life.

Besides, we have the perfect sunscreen product for that! Our Urban feel Good ! This treatment with PSF 30 and Hyaluronic acid promises sun protection and daily hydration all year round!

So get out your sunscreen, get ready, ready? Go!

Thank you for your trust.


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