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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera, this plant which fascinates for its multiple benefits on health and in particular on the skin and hair... If the Egyptians nicknamed it "plant of immortality" 6000 years ago, it is not for nothing !

Did you know that aloe vera produces 2 very different substances that do not have the same therapeutic properties? First of all, there is the latex , yellow sap present in very small channels of the bark which contains molecules with laxative effects. Then, you also find the famous aloe vera gel which is famous for its medicinal properties. It provides great hydration and a feeling of soothing to your skin but also has virtues for the functioning of our body.

Aloe vera is therefore a surprising plant! Its antioxidant, soothing, healing and thirst-quenching effect is very useful in cosmetics. It promotes the rapid elimination of toxins and helps reduce fatigue. Imagine yourself after a tanning session… the need to refresh and hydrate your skin is immediate! Nothing better than using SeventyOne Percent Feel Good Family Moisturizer !

For all skin types, vegan, 99% natural, our Feel Good facial gel-cream is a long-lasting hydration shot that acts deeply. Its unique, naturally gelled consistency allows the texture to envelop the skin, relieve tightness and smooth tired features, without leaving a greasy or thick film. Day after day, the skin is more beautiful. It is THE universal treatment with immediate freshness for dehydrated skin!

In addition to that, as protecting the planet on a daily basis is as important as protecting ourselves, our Feel good pump bottle is entirely made of polyethylene (PE), one of the most widely recycled materials in the world. It allows you to claim completely reusable and recyclable packaging.

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