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We love Earth and care for it.
We respect nature 
and we respect ourselves.
We want to live 
in harmony with
our environment.
We are all 
SeventyOne Percent.

We are family!

Find here all our suncare and skincare ranges:
from iconic sun sticks in pop colors,
to the Eco Sun Spray SPF 50+ protection for families,
through to the magic Second Skin balm.
Vive la famille!

Just say No!

No paraben, no nano-particle,
no petrolatum, no phenoxyethanol,
no silicone, no problem.

Team Papaye
or Aloe Vera?

For two sun-care products purchased,

- 30%

discount off the skin care and recovery range.

Discover the power of fermented papaya
for your après-surf in the Second Skin Balm
or the Feel Good Aloe Vera Moisturizer!


Because their baby-soft skin is more fragile,
our special selection is hyper protective
and fun for tinies.


Save our skin !

It’s finally time to pack for your summer holiday on the beach, but there’s one big question on your mind. Should you get a sunscreen with mineral or organic filters? The main difference is how they work. Organic filters protect your skin by absorbing radiation, but they can also cause allergies and a nasty tingling sensation on sensitive skin and are potentially damaging to the environment. Mineral filters create a mesh on the surface of the skin that diffracts light and reflects UV rays, but they also leave white marks. So do you plump for that invisible look or do you chose a product that respects the environment ?

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