Surfing is more than a sport
it’s a lifestyle.

When we deal with the power and strength of nature’s elements, we have to believe in protection; not only protecting ourselves every day, but also protecting our playground: the planet Earth.

70% of water on the planet. 70% of water in our body. and 1% of the profits donated directly to the charity Vision du Monde. Our values are based on positive energy, positive action, honesty, doing the right thing and doing it well.

We have designed a range of sun-care cosmetics & skin-care products that are made to measure for the surfing community. They are ultra-protective, creative and respect the environment.

We have created a brand, SeventyOne Percent, that meets our values.

The roots: the birth of SeventyOne

In 2009, two friends united by the passion for surfing decided to found SeventyOne Percent.

A brand of cosmetics that looks like them: products made in France that perfectly meet their specific needs for surfers and that respect the environment.

With protection like leitmotiv , the two entrepreneurs have created a new approach to skin protection cosmetics.

We focus above all on the efficiency and eco-responsibility of products that go against the superfluous of marketing promises.

Pleasure & serenity of our care

We develop the right products to meet specific needs.

Each skin needs suitable protection and for us, pleasure is technical.

SeventyOne Percent values the effectiveness of the product promise and the quality of the formulation to combine performance , respect for the consumer and respect for the planet .

In harmony with nature, we work on care formulas and creams in line with our ecological and human values.

#Pleasure&Protect #NoNasties

La French touch!

We are surfers. Passionate about nature and sensations.

As such, we want to meet the expectations of all sun and ocean lovers.

Through our range of cosmetics made in France , we want to benefit from the best of research.

The internationally acclaimed know-how of our French laboratories is at the heart of our sun care and protection formulas.

For your skin, for the planet, for the ocean:

We are all SeventyOne Percent

We are

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