SeventyOne Percent squad: meeting with the photographer Nadia Stone

A first camera she received at the age of 8, a daddy who carries his wherever he goes, and the desire to create memories that last: this is the simple equation that led Nadia Stone to become a photographer. On her black and white pictures, children (often her own) and the luminous daily life of her new life on the other side of the world. For a few years now, Nadia Stone and her entire tribe have left the Landes to fly to the Polynesian island of Raiatea before finally landing in Australia, her husband's home country. There, in 2018, she won first prize at the Australian Photography Awards in the portrait category.

With her family, Nadia Stone lives to the rhythm of the tides and swell. Surfing has been for her a way to know the ocean better, to respect it better and to transmit this daily concern for ecology to her 3 children. An environmental commitment that she obviously extends to the sun creams she uses to protect her tribe's skin from the sun without damaging their playground.
To get to know each other better, Nadia Stone agreed to answer our questions:
A surfer you admire? The majestic Rell Sunn, one of the pioneers of women's surfing. I also admire Alice Lemoigne, I am fascinated by longboarding.
A beach? The one I miss here in Australia: the one in Labenne-Océan.
A photographer? Peter Lindberg
A SeventyOne Percent product? The blue Sun Stick. It's colorful, kids love it.
An eco-friendly gesture? I plan to build a self-sufficient house while limiting the carbon footprint as much as possible.
A country? Here my heart throbs... There are 3 places that are part of me: France and particularly the Landes, the Polynesian island of Raiatea and Australia where I live today.
A dish ? A good raclette or a tartiflette... Yes, I miss cheese :)
A color? Aqua.
A book? High Fidelity by Nick Hornby. I love all the music.
A song? Africa by Toto. There's a cover of that song by the Angel City Chorus that I love. Otherwise Radiocative by Imagine Dragons.
An animal? The dolphin
Thanks to Nadia Stone for answering our questions.
You can find her work on her Instagram account or on her website.

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