Madame Chipiron

Beach Girls:
Julie "Mrs. Chipiron"

How does a 35-year-old girl from Lille (soon 36) arrive in Hossegor? Love? Surfing? Yes and no.

Since she was a child, she always spends her holidays in the South West, near Lacanau. Rocked by the waves of the Atlantic, she keeps in mind this desire, that one day she will live near the ocean.

After studies in communication and a year in Barcelona, she discovers sales at Quiksilver and then in season on the coast. In October 2015, an opportunity opens up for her at Rip Curl in the Marketing/Communication department.

She stayed there for 8 years, discovering the world of surfing, traveling all over the world on CT and other sports events. She met Damien, a surfer from Pau, a surf instructor, a handsome ephebe 4 years her senior. From this new union comes Téo.

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After eight years of good and loyal service with Rip Curl, she started freelancing and enjoying her small family. She continues to keep a link with the surf industry, while supporting Damien in the creation of his brand, Chipiron Surfboards. After some hesitation, she partially joins the adventure, accompanied by a second little boy, Noa.

With this new rhythm, Julie devotes herself to her passions: surfing, yoga, boxing, girlfriends meetings and time with her family, but also free missions in journalism and comics. Without having a certain level in surfing, Julie has a lot of fun in the water. And that's the main thing for her.

It's a state of mind, a lifestyle more than performance (even if, as a competitor at heart, you will often see her moaning and blowing but that's mostly because it's her character).

She is especially happy to share this with Damien, his children and his girlfriends. All their travels revolve around the waves, warm water (especially for her and the children).

The ocean is a family member in its own right, it's their breath of fresh air, it's the common thread in their personal and professional life, which makes them vibrate. Thanks to Chipiron, Julie and Damien share their values and their vision of surfing with as many people as possible (and their loved ones): those of respect, fun and sharing.

Their favourite products: Stick The Sunset, Eco Sun Spray and Eco Sun Shield.

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