Mineral or organic filters?

Let's save ourselves!

Mineral or organic filters (also called chemical filters)?Just a few weeks away from finding the big blue, that's the question that burns your lips.

The big difference is how they work. The first create a mesh on the surface of the skin that diffracts light and reflects UV rays; the other side of the coin: a white texture that leaves traces. The second absorbs radiation instead of the skin; the other side of the coin is allergies and tingling for sensitive skin and potential damage to the environment.

Everyone must therefore arbitrate between pleasure, protection and respect.With SeventyOne sticks, there is no need to choose sides. Their unique formula is optimised in mineral and organic filters - no jealousy - for maximum protection and above all covers the entire sun spectrum.

These famous UVA*, responsible for long-term ageing (spots and even cancer) and UVB*, those damned sunburns.

What's more, the formula of the sticks is anhydrous - i.e. it contains no water -, so it has a very low propensity to disperse during swimming and therefore to harm corals!

Save your skin & save the ocean.*UVA and UVB: my little memo to distinguish them; A for age and B for burn.

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