Hawaii law: stop sunscreens harmful to corals and the ocean

Hawaii is shaking the lines for all surfers and swimmers around the world.

If you bathe in your sunscreen without thinking about the consequences, it's time to change your mindset !

By January 2021, sunscreens containing substances harmful to the ocean and corals will be officially banned in Hawaii. A great step forward to encourage respect for the environment by all and above all to preserve the richness of the oceans everywhere.

Proposed in 2018 by Governor David Ige, the Hawaii law marks the evolution of sun protection towards more responsible, natural and ecological products .

Hawaiian lawmakers have officially voted for the entry into force of this new legislation banning the sale of chemical sunscreens that can harm coral reefs and marine life.

So before you jump in the water and go surfing the sublime waves of the Hawaiian Pacific Ocean, check the composition of your sun protection. Concerned about this important subject for our future, we tell you more about this historic Hawaii law.

What Hawaii's law will change: reduce the impact of sunscreens in the ocean

Most commercial sunscreens contain chemicals.

Among its substances, 2 have a real negative impact on corals: oxybenzone and octinoxate .

While these two substances are considered by manufacturers to be effective chemical sun protectors, researchers recently found that they cause discoloration and deformation of the coral.

These chemicals modify the DNA of the coral and ultimately kill the corals completely!

Ocean coral protection - Hawaii law - Seventy One Percent - Sunscreens

A real spot for surfers from all over the world, the islands of Hawaii have therefore decided to react by preserving the ocean ecosystem above all else thanks to a strict but necessary law.

Keep in mind : from the start of 2021, it will be forbidden to swim while wearing sunscreen containing oxybenzone and octinoxate in Hawaiian waters.

Supported by the Friends of Hanauma Bay, Surfrider Foundation, Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, various NGOs as well as the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, the Hawaii law is about to mark a turning point in the world of sun protection.

The opportunity to review your cosmetics and habits to turn today to clean & safe products .

Aloha creams #Ecofriendly and #CleanBeauty!

At SeventyOne Percent , surfing is a passion and inevitably the ocean is our privileged playground.

As a result, it is impossible for us to imagine that this environment is spoiled by humans.

This is why we have always designed protective sun creams that respect the environment. Capable of effectively protecting the skin with mineral filters and natural components, our sun products are # Ocean-Friendly & #Coral Reef-Safe .

Unlike consumer sunscreens, SeventyOne Percent sun products do not harm coral health nor the ocean ecosystem and sailor .

All 71% products follow Hawaii law

Respect for the environment - Sunscreen 71 %

Natural sunscreens - seventyOnePercent

Cruelty free sunscreen - SeventyOne percent

Shop ecofriendly sunscreen

In the wake of Hawaii law, we have been working every day since our creation to protect nature and humans so that both live in harmony.

All sunscreens and protective oils in the SeventyOne Percent range are designed in France with natural components to meet environmental requirements and preserve our playground in the long term.

Because we are all the stake of tomorrow: let's protect the ocean and the environment together without delay with ecofriendly products!

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