Eco-responsible packaging with SeventyOne X Albea!

Packaging is a major issue in cosmetics today.

While it is important to choose a natural product that respects the environment for routine care, it is just as essential to opt for cosmetic packaging that is part of the same ecological approach. At Seventy One Percent, it is with this in mind that we have chosen all the packaging of our cosmetic products since our creation.

Our ambition is simple: to offer practical and ecological packaging with an enhanced recycling part.

For all our cosmetic packaging, we work with the leading supplier 'Albéa cosmetic packaging in order to market our products in responsible packaging, resulting from recycling and recyclable after use.

More sustainable cosmetic packaging for a cleaner planet, follow us in our eco-responsible commitment #CleanBeauty.

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Recyclable and recycled packaging for Clean Beauty SeventyOne products

As everyone knows, the perfect and 100% ecological packaging solution does not yet exist.

However, that doesn't mean we can't shake things up and commit to a cleaner planet now with less pollution from non-recyclable packaging. Because we are convinced that the packaging of tomorrow will have to be healthy and ecologically efficient, our brand of solar cosmetics and Skin Care is committed today to moving the lines.

With a view to reducing waste and in the vein of our DNA based on respect for the environment, we have decided to pack each product stamped SeventyOne Percent in a sustainable packaging and responsible .

All of our packaging is made with 70% recycled plastic and is obviously recyclable!

Whether for the Second Skin , the Eco-Sun Shield or even the Dry Sun Oil , all of our natural protective products are packaged in eco-friendly tubes easy to use and transport wherever you go and whatever your need.

Manufactured by Albéa, the leader in tube packaging, the ecological packaging of SeventyOne products make it possible to highlight practical eco-responsible packaging solutions to take wherever you go for a surf session , in your toiletry bag or at the beach,

Recyclable ecological packaging SeventyOne Percent - Albéa

Characteristics of Eco-Pack PCR tubes made in France by Albéa

Eco-Pack PCR tubes manufactured by our packaging supplier Albéa are made from a recycled material made from transparent plastic bottles High density polyethylene (HDPE). This principle of recycling is very interesting for reducing the carbon impact of the production of cosmetic packaging.

The ENCORE ™ PCR tubes patented by Albéa are made over 50% with recycled materials!

Compared to a classic 250 ml plastic tube with a cap, the Albéa PCR tube allows to achieve 15% CO2 savings during its design.

Of course, SeventyOne packaging is personalized according to our product ranges and our brand image for visual consistency of our cosmetic line. Each color of the bottle is printed using processes allowing the recycling of the tubes after use .

For each packaging bottle produced by Albéa, the latter provides us with all the necessary certifications justifying the conformity of the packaging provided for optimal packaging quality of our Made in France sun and cosmetic products but also total respect the ecological commitment of Eco-Pack PCR tubes.

The sustainable tubes for our sun care 71% were manufactured in Albéa Argonne in France in the Marne. The pump dedicated to Dry Sun Oil dry sun oil as well as the solar spray Eco Sun Spray are produced in Albéa Lodz in Poland in the EU zone.

Thanks to Albéa's "one-stop-shop" adaptability, we were able to opt for a ingenious stick packaging format for our Sun Sticks Very Water Resistant.

Graphic Albea - Natural CO2 Impact - Packaging ecologic

Albéa packaging Eco-Pack X SeventyOne Percent - Cosmetics Green


SeventyOne X Albéa: eco-designed packaging price at the Luxe Pack de Monaco 2019

In 2019, SeventyOne Percent with Albéa won a prestigious prize at the Luxe Pack de Monaco.

For our eco-responsible packaging approach , together we received the eco-designed packaging award. This recognition of our commitment to the containers of our natural and ecological cosmetics confirms our desire to make a difference in cosmetics.

The PCR Albéa packaging that we have chosen for our packaging reveals an important practicality and an ecological desire thanks to the characteristics mentioned above.

Luxe Pack Monaco 2019 - Packaging eco designed first SeventyOne Percent and Albéa price

Opt for eco-responsible packaging for your cosmetics with SeventyOne Percent X Albéa. Our commitment to a cleaner and more protected planet goes through packaging and we are happy to share this with our customers.

Even if the ideal packaging does not exist, we want to offer sustainable recycled and recyclable packaging in order to highlight our sun products and our #NaturalBeauty skincare products all year round.

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