The brand SeventyOne seduces the blog So Pretty Little Things

It's no longer a secret: eco-responsible sun cosmetics are the issue of tomorrow.

To protect our skin but also the oceans and seas, natural sunscreen products are increasingly sought after and popular with consumers.

Jess, the creator of the blog So Pretty Little Things knows this and has decided to look into the subject! It was after discovering SeventyOne Percent products that she became interested in this eco-responsible trend in natural sun protection.

What if we said stop polluting sunscreens and the vagueness of the composition of certain cosmetic products? At SeventyOne Percent we play with total transparency to offer #clean products that respect all skin types. This is what the co-founder of the Made In France brand explained to Jess for his Beauty article.

Our goal: to offer sun protection that respects the environment and the skin with water-resistant formulas that minimize dilution in water and prolong the effectiveness of the protection over time.

Eco Sun Shield , Sun stick The Sunset, the blog So PrettyLittle Things scrutinized our flagship solar products to provide a complete review of our commitment to the planet. And the result is here: So Pretty Little Things recommends our brand and our products! #Enjoy & #Proud

So Pretty Little Things - Eco responsible solar - Seventy-One Percent

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SeventyOne Percent: the French brand of eco-responsible sunglasses for your summer

While the time has come to preserve the health capital of our environment, sunscreens are not spared by awareness.

Offering an effective and respectful alternative to polluting sunscreens , the SeventyOne Percent range has convinced many users since its creation. Jess, creator of the lifestyle and wellness blog So Pretty Little Things wanted to know what the real situation was.

Founded by Marc Levy & Raphaël Vannier , SeventyOne Percent develops all of its products in the South West of France between Biarritz and Hossegor. And for good reason: it is as surfers that we have decided to design solar cosmetics that respect the marine ecosystem and corals.

“Regarding the environmental impact, our formulas are very water resistant , which makes it possible to minimize their dilution in water as much as possible and to prolong their effectiveness in time."

Raphaël Vannier was interviewed to confirm the brand's commitments.

Eco Sun Shield SPF 50+ - SeventyOne Percent - Natural ecological sunscreen

The products were then scrutinized: from their composition to their recyclable and compact packaging, everything has been reviewed!

Our best sellers Eco Sun Shield SPF 50+ and Sun Stick The Sunset were taken as examples for the tests.

The originality of our colored sun stick (with the bonus of being able to be applied to the lips) and the natural #SoClean of our 99% natural Eco Sun Shield cream and 100% composed of mineral filters have seduced the editor So Pretty Little Things. Another real pride for our eco-responsible French sun cosmetics!

Thanks to Jess from the blog So Pretty Little Things for this review article produced for summer 2020.

You too can benefit from our products to protect your skin and those of your loved ones. Our sticks have all been validated by toxicology experts for use on babies under 3 years old and pregnant women . Enjoy!

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