SeventyOne Percent in Live BFM Business: the eco-design of cosmetic products

The cosmetics sector is reinventing itself!

The eco-design of cosmetics is a real hot topic. Today, sun care and sunscreens are scrutinized by all consumers who wish to ensure that their cosmetics respect both their skin and the environment.

BFM business has decided to take a closer look at the issue in its program of Friday July 10, 2020 with the theme "Objective Reason for existence: towards a raison d'être or an approach" B corp “from Clarins?” .

Alongside Christian Courtin-Clarins, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Clarins group, the co-founder of the SeventyOne Percent brand, Raphaël Vannier, was invited to come and talk about commitments of the eco-responsible made in France cosmetics brand and discuss ecology in the cosmetics industry.

Ideas for recycling packaging, reductions in plastic and carbon footprint, composition of cosmetics, different ideas were exchanged on the set with a common goal: to move the world of cosmetics towards a more ecological ground and more responsible.

Through the program, SeventyOne Percent products were taken as an example, particularly in terms of transparency of composition, readability and effectiveness, in particular via the 100% natural mineral filters integrated into our sun protection. A real highlight of our commitments that we are proud to share with you!

Discover our ecological products

SeventyOne Percent: an ecological commitment for your cosmetics and sun protection

We all like to know what we put on our face and our body. We also like to know that our routine has no negative impact on the nature around us.

It is for all these reasons that SeventyOne Percent is committed to respecting the environment thanks to a range of safe & clean products. At a time when the eco-responsible revolution is taking place among large cosmetics groups like Clarins, our French brand born in the South West on an Atlantic beach has been showing its convictions in a big way since its creation.

The conscientious debate offered by BFM Business enabled us to communicate on essential issues with a large group represented by Christian Courtin-Clarins, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Clarins group.

How to reduce the carbon footprint of products?
How to adapt to the tendency to deconsume?
What are the goals for recycled plastics?
What transparency on the formulas?

Through these major questions asked during the show, we were able to study together the future developments for the luxury cosmetics industry and others.

Since ecology has been our raison d'être since our creation, we have no shortage of ideas and Raphaël Vannier was able to submit a few ideas throughout the show.

Our range of solar products and environmentally friendly skin care you allows you to benefit from recyclable and compact packaging while enjoying a sunscreen , a sun stick or a respectful skin care and the planet like the now famous Second Skin by SeventyOne.

With total transparency on the components of our products, we assume an eco-friendly commitment that we are happy to have been able to present on a TV set!

Thanks to BFM Business for the invitation and Mr. Christian Courtin-Clarins for the exchange.

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