Eco Sun Shield selected in Gala

Female surfers are featured in the summer edition of the famous Gala magazine!

On the programme is a selection of sun care products adapted to each skin type, water-resistant and truly protective. And who better than SeventyOne to talk to surfers! Because the ocean sticks to our brand's skin, the emblematic magazine Gala has decided to present our famous natural sun cream Eco Sun Shield.

With its SPF50+ protection, compact size, water resistance and environmental friendliness, our covering sun cream protects the skin from the sun's UVA and UVB rays. Ideal for surfers who ride the waves all day long!

Its extreme resistance to water makes it a favorite product of surfing enthusiasts and that's why the Eco Sun Shield finds its place in Gala magazine this summer. #SurfLovers

An ecological and natural sun cream for surfers

You spend your summer in the water? Is the ocean your second home on a sunny day? SeventyOne Percent thought of you.

Protecting your skin while surfing is essential. The sun beats down all day long and in a short time our epidermis can be attacked by UV rays. This is why we have designed a sun cream specially adapted to the needs of sportsmen and women who enjoy the sea and the ocean.

As presented in Gala magazine, our Eco Sun Shield sunscreen cream is a waterproof sun protection ideal if you like to play in the ocean rollers.

No chemical components #NoNasties and no nasty surprises, Eco Sun Shield can be applied on all fragile, mixed or mature skins and creates a real protective barrier against UVA and UVB rays. With its SPF 50+ protection, no more sunburn and sun damaged skin.

On dry or wet skin, stay protected in all circumstances, even while practising your favourite sport.

As a bonus, the Eco Sun Shield cream is environmentally friendly as it respects the environment and in particular corals. No toxic rejection for the marine fauna and flora: composed of key natural active ingredients, our natural sun cream is perfect to protect your skin and preserve nature.

Discover Eco Sun Shield

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