Dry Sun Oil conquered Marie Claire

Dry Sun Oil SPF30 is making a name for itself in Marie Claire magazine!

How about we stop the coral versus beauty debate? Because today we want to protect the ocean but also take advantage of a sun oil to give our skin a satin finish, it's time to set our sights on innovative ecological products.

Marie Claire magazine has decided to highlight our Dry Sun Oil with its satin texture and sublime coconut scent to meet the desires of readers looking for an eco-friendly sun care product.

"Should I choose between protecting my skin and preserving corals? "

The question is legitimate because it is a fact that conventional sunscreen products are one of the causes of the degradation of the seabed and corals in particular. To put an end to all this, new solutions are now being proposed to ensure optimal protection of the skin and the marine environment at the same time.

No more cornelian choices before going to the beach!

Conceived on the basis of non-nano mineral filters and formulated with 80% natural ingredients, you will finally be able to tan serenely with #CleanBeauty protective oil thanks to our best sellers Dry Sun Oil.

Dry Sun Oil: a natural and protective sun oil

You're not very fond of sunscreen but you like the new natural products on offer? We understand you and we think about you.

At SeventyOne Percent, we want to adapt our range of products to all skin types and needs while respecting the nature that surrounds us.

This is why we have developed a protective sunscreen oil formula SPF 30 adapted to those who are looking for an ecological and delicate sunscreen oil.

While oils generally dissolve in water emissions that are harmful to the ocean and sea bed, our Dry Sun Oil presented in Marie Claire magazine is a real bonus of nature for the summer. Satiny, nourishing, regenerating and softening, our sun oil is eco-responsible because it preserves the environment as much as possible.

No more remorse about preferring sun oil to sun cream or protective stick: with Dry Sun Oil you enjoy the benefits of a moisturizing and #ecofriendly oil for your surf, beach and swimming outings.

Thank you to Marie-Claire magazine for highlighting our famous protective oil!

Bonus Tips: After the sun, apply our Second Skin Repair Balm to enjoy beautiful, moisturized skin all summer or all year round.

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