We love the Earth and we want to take care of it. At SeventyOne, we are working to offer a range of suncare & skincare cosmetics in perfect accordance with our ethics.
We want to live in harmony with our environment.

Our Mother Earth Approved charter guarantees strong commitments to environmental and social protection as well as respect for the consumer.

Let's take care of ourselves as we respect nature...


We are developing formulas that respect the marine ecosystems and preserve coral by limiting the content of sun filters and favoring mineral filters when it is possible.

Our solar products do not contain nanoparticles which have a negative impact on the environment but also potentially on our organisms.

We exclude from our compositions silicones, paraben, phenoxyethanol and petrolatum.

We demonstrate total transparency by communicating to our consumers the compositions of each product.

The ingredients are all listed, and we show you the benefits of the key active ingredients so that you fully identify what you are putting on your skin and understand why.
We exclusively use recyclable product packs, in particular PCR tubes "Post-Sonsumer Recycled plastic content" in order to minimize our environmental impact.


All of our cosmetic ranges are tested under dermatological control, in order to avoid any risk of allergy, redness or irritation.

The absence of nanoparticles is also a guarantee of safety for all users of our sun creams. Indeed, nanoparticles are suspected of penetrating the body and inducing toxic effects.

They are frequently used in sun creams to make their texture more fluid and to avoid white marks left on the skin when applied.

At SeventyOne, we claim the white mask of clean sun creams without nanoparticles!


We are a brand born from the love of French wave, and we would like to continue our beautiful story here, while spreading it on other continents.

We manufacture and condition in France, because the Made in France is not a fashion, it is a deep conviction.

And because we we love the planet, men, but also animals, we don't realize no animal testing, which we prefer in nature rather only in the labs!

This charter is an opportunity for us to transmit our values in our products.

Our natural products are respectful of man and this environment which is dear to us. We be transparent so that every piece of information about our formulas are accessible to all.

We are all
SeventyOne Percent...

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