Marc Levy and Raphaël Vannier, the founders of SeventyOne Person, met on their first year of business school. At the time, they are 20 years old and share a common passion, surfing!

After graduation, Marc goes into entrepreneurship and distribution in the surf industry in Spain and in Portugal, Raphaël joined a major Parisian advertising company.

In 2009, the two friends decide to found SeventyOne Percent, a cosmetic brand that is true to them:
made in France products that perfectly meet their specific needs of surfing enthusiasts while respecting the environment.


Acting as referents, they develop technical products that combine the fundamental values of respect for consumers and respect for the environment.
In that sense, they develop high-performance products that protect from the sun even under the most extreme conditions, as well as products that care for and maintain the life capital of each skin.


La crème de la crème 2012

Their desire is to support

« water(WO)men »

Before, during and after their sport sessions with a complete range of sun protection and care adapted to all seasons. They create an inspired and inspiring brand that balances eco-consciousness, sustainable development and modern lifestyle.


The brand is first adopted by local surfers. It is through their travels that SeventyOne Percent products are naturally shared, tested, and approved on the most beautiful beaches around the world.
Now established in more than 700 surf shops and present in more than 10 countries, the brand sponsors the elite and the future of surfing, "the creme de la creme" of the discipline. The team is also actively contributing to the development of the brand in the 4 corners of the world.



Today SeventyOne Percent celebrates its 7 years on the market, 7 years of work, research, achievements and enjoyment. In 2017, Marc and Raphaël are launching a new range of solar sticks SPF 50 colorful, always more efficient. It will please children as well as the most experienced surfers because a good sun protection is everyone's business!


@Tristan Guilbaud

Founder's Words

"7 years already, symbolic figure ... like in a couple, it's make or break!" Marc and I are lucky enough to always take pleasure in working together. Entrepreneurship, in the fierce universe of cosmetics is an ambitious challenge and we are proud of our journey. Despite the encountered difficulties, it seems that remaining faithful to our principles and our values was a good choice!

Another pleasure is to witness the booming development of the Surf community especially through the flourishing scene of the feminine surfing that inspire freshness and creativity. Ladies, you keep inspiring us. Likewise, we have never seen so many children making the ocean their playground !

Surfing is more familial and contagious than ever. After all, surfing is about to go through a revolution by becoming an Olympic discipline in 2020 in Tokyo... the best is yet to come! Raphaël Vannier

"A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor"
To be a surfer is to be a little freak, doing 100 kilometers at 5 o'clock in the morning hoping to surf the best wave while waiting for the sunrise. Sometimes there is no lack of awesome waves, sometimes it is already gone. The whole metaphor of our entrepreneurial adventure is there, Seventy-one Percent is like the passion that drives us: action and contemplation, balance and imbalance, speed and patience, solitude and sharing.

As every young company we have experienced ups and downs, today we are reaching the equilibrium and the increasing enthusiasm for our sport and our way of life proves that we were right to believe in our innovative concept. Eight years ago, we could not find any cream suited to our long sessions in the water, creams flowed, did not last more than an hour and their formulas were full of ingredients harmful to our health and the environment.
We took the challenge to create tailor-made products for "water (wo) men". It is now up to us to introduce people with the potential of 71 throughout the world and to showcase the technical quality of our tricolor expertise! Marc Levy