Our History

In the heart of Landes

It is in the French region of Landes where SeventyOne Percent’s history starts. It is the association of three friends with three different experiences and one passion: surfing.

After years of practicing surf in the Landes’ waters, it was evident to Marc Levy, Raphaël Vannier and Ygal Sananes that there weren’t on the board sports market adapted products that accompanied riders before, during and after their exercise.

A simple ascertainment

The range of care products proposed in pharmacy and specialized stores neither meet the expectations nor the requirements of board sports lovers.

Technical products, adapted to the often-difficult conditions of these extreme sports are necessary to ensure a good protection. From this simple ascertainment a new concept has emerged: a technical solution of care products aimed to riders.

Because a good management of the sports practice declined in 3 steps: preparation, protection and recovery is essential to the good practice of board sports, these three young entrepreneurs have decided to ally their professional activity to their passion, giving birth to the brand SeventyOne Percent.

Environmental respect

To protect ourselves, yes, but not at any condition! SeventyOne Percent is an ethical brand that respects the environment. For these three friends, surf is synonymous of love for nature. The range of Surf Care’s products protects you and the nature. After two years of work and research together with French reference laboratories, Surf Care comes to life. Under the leitmotiv of the eco-conception, SeventyOne Percent products are technical, respectful to the consumers (no paraben) and with proven effectiveness.

Surf Rider Foundation

In their concern for environmental respect, SeventyOne Percent has joined forces with the SurfRider Fondation to help the preservation of the coasts and the oceans. For every product bought, 1% of the benefits will go to the association. And since the ecology is the driving force of the brand, products are constantly being improved; innovation-related research continued in the aim of finding new products, more efficient and respectful with the environment, moving always forward with the progress!

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